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Jun 4, 2023

Welcome to a new kind of episode this week! We’re adapting our Triple Dip formula to Western comics with Left to Right! We review Pretty DeadlyUrsula, and East of West for our inaugural episode! We also talk about House of Five LeavesTamon's B-SideShojo Fight, and more!!!

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  • Intro Song: “Are You Ready For Me Baby” by Funky Giraffe, Opening, Introductions, Reading manga, Darfox’s luxurious hair - 00:00:00
  • #mangamacbump- Libraries and Kerrygold Butter - 00:12:58
  • Listener Emails: Good parent characters - 00:18:19
  • Whatchu Been Reading: Transition Song: “Funkymania” by The Original Orchestra, Darfox and dakazu watched Street Fighter in preparation for Street Fighter 6 - 00:29:31
  • dakazu finished House of Five Leaves and loved it - 00:35:37
  • Tamon’s B-Side is about an idol fan becoming the housekeeper of her stan who is completely different from his on-stage persona - 00:37:54
  • dakazu reread all of Shojo Fight and still thinks it’s fantastic - 00:44:06
  • News- K Manga launched its website with no changes from the app - 00:48:17
  • Next Episode Preview and Rundown: One Shot on Is Love The Answer?, We will review Uta Isaki’s coming of age story about a young woman discovering that she is aromantic asexual - 00:51:14
  • Main Segment Left to Right: Ursula/East of West/Pretty Deadly, Transition Song: “It’s Over” by Generation Lost, We read three Western comics for discussion - 00:52:29, Including:
  • Ursula by Erika Price & Lane Yates - 00:55:13
  • Discussing dakazu’s background in Western comics - 01:14:42
  • East of West by Johnathan Hickman & Nick Dragotta - 01:23:49
  • Pretty Deadly by Emma Rios & Kelly Sue DeConnick - 01:57:58
  • We pick our favorite of the three comics - 02:20:41
  • Next Week’s Topic: Is Love The Answer?, Social Media Rundown, Sign Off Song: “Crazy for Your Love” by Orkas - 02:33:48